We at Mercer come to work because we want to make a difference in people’s lives. Life@Mercer is all about the purpose we drive, our commitments and how we connect back with society.

Our Brand Ambassadors

Life@Mercer is as action and drama packed as “Life in a Metro” – client wins which give you the highs to working away from all colleagues during tough times, which is a low!


It has all the elements for an exciting career – strong brand behind you, competitive market conditions to get your juices flowing and strong co-relation of reward to performance, which motivates you to give the absolute best!

Varun Alagati
Segment Lead - Reward Solutions at Mercer India

As I navigate through my 10th year at Mercer, I look back at the years, fondly and with pride of having grown with the firm; learning from every client interaction, winning most and losing some business, but learning for sure from every single one!


I learnt that having a point of view is critical and using insights from data helps make it richer but ultimately using it in the context of the situation is most important.


My life at Mercer has been truly rewarding, with discovering many nuances of myself, building on my strengths and nurturing a strong team as much as I have been nurtured and mentored

Mansee Singhal
Senior Principal Career at Mercer India

Life@Mercer is not only enriching but also fulfilling. While working on strategies, which directly influence our path forward across multiple markets, I feel encouraged and motivated to invest time in self-development by employing the wide array of L&D offerings.


This is an organization, which has given me the freedom to manage my personal life whilst energizing me to give my best at work.

Nitya Bhatia
Senior Associate - Strategy and Planning



Quarantine Creativity

Our employees and families bring out their creative and artistic talents via “Paint It Out” Contest

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