To succeed, businesses need a more resourceful way to manage employee benefits

In the ever-changing landscape of employee benefits, delivering health and retirement benefits that are competitive, cost-effective, and compliant with new legislation takes vigilance and expertise. Outsourcing benefits administration to Mercer allows your HR department to weather the changes while keeping your strategic mission on course.


Mercer delivers a results-driven approach to employee benefits

At Mercer, we deliver health and retirement benefits that produce tangible, measurable outcomes tied to your strategic business goals. Outsourcing benefits administration to Mercer can help relieve the headaches of running a benefits program: cost increases, administrative burdens, pension risks, and legislative issues. Mercer’s innovative approach to benefits administration streamlines the process for you while educating employees and empowering them to make better decisions.


Benefit from our global lens combined with local expertise

Mercer’s global footprint means we have resources in the market that speak the language, understand the culture, and follow the new laws and regulations. Rules and regulations regarding health care and retirement plans vary dramatically from country to country.


Holistic and client-focused employee benefit programs

Partnering with Mercer Benefits Administration means taking advantage of our over 22 years of insights and experience. We work closely with clients, using a strategy-first consultative process that surfaces issues and leads to real-world solutions.


*We would be happy to discuss your individual circumstances and tailor the Mercer Global offerings to suit your needs.

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